Titan Internet System Status

Avamar Upgrade: DC4-Grid-01

Update 10.30: The upgrade is now underway

As part of our commitment to quality and continual improvement
We will be upgrading one of our shared Avamar grids. This will allow the grid to support backups of newer operating systems and

What will happen?

Our engineering team will be applying the upgrade to the Avamar grid during the daily maintenance
window of the grid. This will require reboots of various components within the grid.
Following the upgrade it is recommended that the Avamar client installed on any machines that use the grid is upgraded to the same version as the grid. The iomart support team can assist with this if necessary.

When will the work be carried out?

The maintenance work will begin at 10.30 (BST) on 22nd October 2021. It will be completed prior to
the backup window starting at 20:00 (BST) on 22nd October 2021.

Who will be completing the work?

All the work will be completed by qualified Dell EMC engineers supervised by iomart infrastructure engineers.

Will I experience downtime?

As with any upgrade or maintenance work there is an increased risk to services.
There won’t be any downtime to your own systems, however during the maintenance it will not be
possible to carry out any backup or restore tasks.
All existing backup data stored on the grid will be unaffected.